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Finding the Right Talent for a Startup Hospice

Special thanks to Humanitas for taking the time to help us put together this case study.

Client Profile

Humanitas Health Services

A Physician-Owned hospice agency with patient care at its core, Humanitas Health provides optimal respect, dignity, and compassion to its patients through the end-of-life journey.

Location: Huntingdon Valley, PA

Permanent Hire: Medical Director, Director of Clinical Services, Alternative Director of Clinical Services, and a Social Worker.

Turnaround Time: 15-45 Days

Start Date: April 2021


Humanitas Health Services is a start-up hospice agency whose main need was finding the right talent and retention. Humanitas was looking for talent that would help them achieve their goals of getting the company off the ground. They were looking for serious candidates who were seeking a long-term position. Humanitas had difficulties searching for good people, especially because they were not entirely sure of who they needed and when. Additionally, Humanitas was looking for the most cost-effective way of finding the right candidates– they found that the recruitment process can become time-consuming and challenging. Humanitas reached out to TopStaff for help with their recruitment needs.


TopStaff went to work right away, sourcing and recruiting candidates for Humanitas Health Services. The placement process was fast and clear, and all expectations were clearly managed from the beginning of the search to the end. TopStaff and Humanitas collaborated in a professional manner, and TopStaff was respectful of Humanitas' time.

All key positions were filled by TopStaff which included the Medical Director, Director of Clinical Services, Alternative Director of Clinical Services, and a Social Worker.


The advice and help Humanitas received from TopStaff exceeded the hospice’s expectations they had for a recruitment service. Without the right staff at the right time, they would not have been able to achieve their objectives. TopStaff’s services reduced recruitment costs significantly for the hospice as well. TopStaff provided organization and helpful insight as well and showed that they understood the agency’s recruitment needs.

What is your advice to others who might be considering our service?

Try it. You will understand quickly the difference between the personal touch TopStaff provides vs their competitors and if you are doing this yourself, you will quickly realize that the cost of your time to do this right will outweigh the fee coming from TopStaff.”

If you have used other recruitment services in the past, how did they compare to us?

“No comparison. The advice and guidance from TopStaff and Leo were invaluable. By knowing the industry they became a trusted advisor in all my staffing needs. The pricing is very reasonable as well.”

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