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Hospice Searches for RN and CNA

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Special thanks to Christina V., the program director of Caring Hospice’s Fort Washington office, who took the time to help us put together this case study.

Company Profile

For 25 years, Caring Hospice has been providing unique, holistic hospice care in and around the Greater Philadelphia area including Berks County.

Location: Fort Washington, PA

Temporary Staffing: RN and CNA Turnaround Time: Within 30 days, an RN was placed. Within 20 days, a CNA was placed.

Start Date: RN: 10/2022 CNA: 5/2021


Caring Hospice had some challenges finding staff, particularly, they needed help finding an RN and CNA. For many years, the hospice was fully staffed with great hospice employees until the pandemic shifted the job market drastically. Prior to calling TopStaff Resources, the hospice reached out to other staffing agencies that “promised everything but produced nothing”.


At the beginning of 2020, Caring Hospice reached out to TopStaff Resources after being referred to the agency’s services. Small hiring problems became larger over time, and soon the hospice was having staffing shortage issues like many other healthcare facilities during this time. TopStaff Resources quickly went to work using its network and resources in the marketplace to find Registered Nurses and CNAs.


TopStaff Resources worked closely with the client to understand the root of their staffing issues. From scheduling interviews to collaboration throughout the hiring process, the client was an active participant in achieving their hiring goals. New Registered Nurse and CNA were able to start work quickly with clear expectations. TopStaff checked in with the hospice and program director to monitor progress and success.

This partnership allowed the facility to find a nurse who aligned with its mission, alleviated short staffing issues and helped the hospice’s census. Caring Hospice was able to accept more patients because of TopStaff’s recruitment and staffing strategies. It has made a tremendous difference for the hospice and its staff knowing they have the extra help.

What advice do you have for other agencies who might be considering our services?

“I would advise them [healthcare organizations] to work with you and know they will receive professional support and a group that will work very hard in finding the right fit.” -Christina V.

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