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Home Health Agency Seeks Home Care Manager of Operations

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

CareBuilders at Home

Special thanks to Dianna B., the Vice President of Surefire Health, who took the time to help us put together this case study.

Client Profile

Care Builders at Home provides high-quality home care services to people in need of assistance. They focus on personal care and support activities of daily living, errands, light housekeeping, medication compliance, and more.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Recruitment for: Home Care Manager of Operations

Turnaround Time: Three candidates presented, one hired by the client, within three weeks from the start of the search.

Hire Date: September 2021.


CareBuilders at Home had challenges finding a Home Care Manager of Operations for their Pittsburgh, PA office. They needed a director who was not only highly qualified but able to keep up with the highly fast-paced environment of home care. Their recruitment search was proving to be exceptionally challenging. The client was referred to TopStaff by their investors. The Vice President contacted TopStaff to help them identify and recruit a new director.


TopStaff Resources immediately went to work to find qualified candidates. Through TopStaff’s extensive candidate network, the team identified appropriate candidates for the role and started interviewing, with a focus on specific skillsets for the position. It was also important that each candidate possess the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Throughout the recruitment process, TopStaff updated CareBuilders on a weekly basis about the search. A new Home Care Manager of Operations was placed. TopStaff checked in with the home care facility and Home Care Manager to monitor progress and success.


TopStaff Resources sourced and placed a new Home Care Manager of Operations in the Pittsburgh office of CareBuilders at Home. It has been eight months since the placement, and the Home Care Manager of Operations is doing very well in their position.

What advice do you have for other agencies who might be considering our services?

“If you have multiple locations, want to save time and money, and make a long-term investment then you should go with TopStaff. Other agencies will try to convince you to take something other than what you are looking for, but TopStaff never made us lower our standards,” -Dianna B.

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