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Alleviating Retention Issues in a Personal Care Home

Special thanks to the Executive Director of Chestnut Knoll, Shawn B., who took the time to help us put together this case study.

Client Profile: Chestnut Knoll Personal Care and Memory Care is an award-winning personal care home that provides assistance with activities of daily living to senior citizens.

Location: Boyertown, Berks County

Temporary Hire: LPN

Turnaround Time: Around 3 Weeks

Start Date: April 2022


The personal care home had been experiencing challenges with turnover. Chestnut Knoll has multiple open positions at a time that they were unable to fill. The personal care home reached out to TopStaff Resources for help in recruiting an LPN for 2nd shift to pass medications. The personal care home wanted to recruit someone who would be a good fit for their community.


TopStaff Resources began working on finding an LPN that met Chestnut Knoll’s needs and company culture. The recruitment team located a candidate that was a good fit and she was scheduled for several weeks. The Executive Director noted that the nurse was very professional, reliable, and fit well into their team. TopStaff checked in with the home care facility and the new LPN to monitor the success of the transition into her new position.


The LPN provided by TopStaff worked well with the Chestnut Knoll team and filled their immediate need for staff.

What is your advice to others who might be considering our service?
“The process was easy and had good results,” -Shawn B.

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