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A Home Care Agency’s Search for a Highly Qualified Candidate

A home care agency’s search for a highly qualified candidate

Special thanks to Bob, the Chief Operating Officer of AmeriBest Home Care, for taking the time to help us put together this case study.

Client Profile

AmeriBest Home Care is a non-medical home care provider, providing personal care attendants (PCAs) predominantly to the Medicaid population in Southeastern Pennsylvania. They are the 3rd largest provider within the home care segment of Philadelphia.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Permanent Hire: Marketing, Clinical Trainer

Turnaround Time: within 90 Days

Start Date: March, 2022


One of AmeriBest’s differentiators is their caregiver training and skills lab program for both new and experienced PCAs. The home care agency experienced turnover in the Clinical Trainer role and it was imperative that they find a high-caliber nurse who could fill the vacancy. After sourcing through some of the common online channels with no success, they reached out to TopStaff for their help. The recruitment and staffing agency had previously filled a marketing position for the agency.

For the Clinical Trainer role, AmeriBest was looking for someone with hands-on personal care and home care experience. The agency needed someone with a proven track record for developing and implementing training programs as well as a dynamic presenter who facilitates training in a way that keeps participants engaged.


The recruitment and staffing agency immediately began working to source the best candidates for the AmeriBest Clinical Trainer positon. TopStaff searched for result-oriented clinicians that would be driven to provide high quality care for the agency’s clients. Finding a candidate who meets the needs and company culture of AmeriBest was important in this search process and TopStaff fulfilled those requirements. The Chief Operating Officer stated that TopStaff provided the home care agency with the best candidate while staying in touch with the agency regarding their progress regularly.


TopStaff worked quickly and communicated throughout the process. They were responsive to AmeriBest’s feedback regarding the candidates and any changes they needed to make to hit the mark with their criteria. AmeriBest’s expectations were exceeded by TopStaff. They are now the home care agency’s first call.

AmeriBest’s standards are extremely high. The clinical leaders are uncompromising when it comes to the skill set and professionalism required for the Clinical Trainer role. The team at TopStaff listened intently to what AmeriBest was looking for and revisited with the agency on multiple occasions. TopStaff continued to rise to the challenge and brought the agency a dynamic and experienced clinical trainer who far surpassed AmeriBest’s expectations.

The subject matter experts at TopStaff were consultative and well worth the price considering the cost savings AmeriBest realized through expediency and efficiencies gained, according to the Chief Operating Officer.

What is your advice to others who might be considering our service?

“There is nothing to lose and much to gain in choosing to work with TopStaff. They know the industry and the market. They are very competitive on price, and they do what they say they will do. Their results are positively impactful on our business.” -Bob, Chief Operating Officer

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