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Hospital Employees

Recruitment & Staffing Experts

About us

With over 15 years of experience in healthcare recruitment and staffing, our list of resources and knowledge serves as an excellent platform for your candidate search. We offer a spectrum of healthcare staffing solutions from medical professionals to administrative support in direct-hire, short-term, and contract-to-hire placements. Our recruiting and staffing services are flexible and we have an excellent turnaround time as well. We provide full transparency throughout our recruitment process in order to ensure everything is clear so that no conflict or confusion arises for either party. 

We also offer a replacement guarantee.

Our recruiters will work diligently and efficiently to fill the position as quickly as possible with the highest caliber of staff.

Recruitment Process

Our excellence relates to our ability to identify and attract successful candidates to our clients’ opportunities using a comprehensive and efficient execution process. As a result, we have happy clients across the healthcare industry. 

Getting to Know Your Company

We spend time getting to know you and your company so that we can best understand your current and future needs. We differentiate our search capabilities by being targeted in our approach. Your staffing search will be enhanced by our knowledge, expertise, and networking to find the best-in-class prospects. We work to gain a strong understanding of our client's organization’s culture and needs in the process of the search.

Sourcing & Screening

SAFREST experts do a deep dive on your behalf to find candidates that fit your job description, company culture, and overall business needs. From professional experiences across the healthcare industry, we have developed a booming professional network from which to draw recommended referrals for your search. This widens your potential candidate pool and allows us to find you the very best candidates for this important search. It is always our goal to find you multiple candidates for the position. 

Interviewing, Offer Extension, & Onboarding

Once we have identified and screened candidates for your position, and we feel that they are a good fit, we send over the candidate’s resume and any additional information to your company. After interviews are completed and you have chosen a candidate, we can help you present an offer. During the onboarding process, we will check in with you and the candidate to make sure everything is going smoothly and the candidate is adjusting well to the new position. 

SAFREST offers consultative help with salary identification, structuring a competitive offer, and compensation negotiations. With open communication between both the candidate and the employer, we act as the mediator during the hiring process to ensure everyone is walking away with a realistic and desirable agreement.

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